An Open Source Program Manager, Community Manager, GitHub Star, and Technical Writer.

Open Source ManagerProgram ManagerCommunity ManagerGitHub StarTechnical Writer

Hi, I’m Ruth Ikegah. I’m passionate about fostering people to leverage the power of open-source technologies to identify and solve real-world problems.

I wear a couple of hats: I love educating people about open-source, getting them involved, and creating initiatives to solve challenges in open source. I'm a naturale at Community Management; I enjoy interacting with people and helping them grow within the community. I relish writing articles that inspire people and help them navigate their careers and personal lives. Lastly, I shine as a Github Star. ✌

What I do


    Open Source

    One thing I barely need preparation for is talking about Open Source; my day-to-day activities revolve around it. The heart of Open source for me is collaboration and community, and I love being a part of it. I work regularly to spread the Open Source gospel, letting people learn and enabling a community that's conducive for them to do it seamlessly and enjoy it. Check out some of my involvement in the Open-Source ecosystem.


    Community Management

    Imagine a place people come in as novices, and their growth is aided and monitored until they become experts in their respective fields. A place where no one is or feels left behind or out of place and where every member is groomed to groom others, leading to a ripple growth effect. That is the perfect picture of community to me, and I enjoy working to make it a reality. See some of the communities I’ve been part of.



    Speaking engagements are an exciting way to share what I do and help others learn from it. You’d mostly find me speaking about all things Open Source, growing in tech, and Technical writing. Check out some of my best talks.


    Technical Writing

    Using my writing and storytelling prowess, I publish content from time to time that explains certain concepts, tells a story, or reaches out to beginners. Check out some of my blog posts.

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